Nothing is predestined: 
The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.
– Ralph Blum, Author and Cultural Anthropologist

Pix knows about overcoming obstacles. She has faced death on several occasions. Weighing only 2lb 2oz (<1kg) at birth, she was a fighter even then. Growing up, she has been involved in 3 major vehicle accidents; one in which her Grandmother was killed, and another where her then fiance’ was not expected to live.  She has fallen down a cellar, experienced an earthquake, survived sexual assault as a child and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She even faced bankruptcy through no fault of her own and was forced to sell her own home to survive.


This is not a rags to riches story, but it is none-the-less Pix’s story… her journey of how she has constantly faced significant obstacles in her life, only to break-through them and come out on top each and every time.  Many of these obstacles… even just one, would have stopped many people in their tracks.  Not Pix… her perseverance and tenacity have constantly put her back on top to WIN!

Pix is now an extremely successful entrepreneur, raising 2 teenage children on her own and helping others to WIN in life and with their business using her life experiences as the gateway to show others their new beginnings.  Pix is recognized as a "Linchpin", the woman who makes it happen and brings people together to achieve the desired outcomes for issues of local, regional, national and international significance.  She provides The Solutions to meet the needs of her clients and audiences when she speaks worldwide.


Inspired, empowered and motivated will be how you feel after you experience Pix Jonasson.  Pix is a dynamic, in demand speaker and inspirational teacher.  Pix will teach you easy and effective steps to get you past any of life’s setbacks, let downs and distractions so you can WIN in the game of Success.  Her passionate, raw honesty will take your breath away and her positive attitude towards life will motivate you and enable you to realise your true greatness.  Her vibrant, approachable and infectious style will allow you to walk away knowing all tools to powerfully reignite the desire in your life. 


She is an exceptionally entertaining speaker, an accomplished facilitator and her quick wit ensures Pix is a much in-demand multi-media performer.  An accomplished communicator with a wealth of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, she has worked behind the scenes and in the public eye for small business, governments and charity.  When she speaks she does so with a on-the-job knowledge and experience to deliver a speech that informs, entertains and inspires her audience.

As a proud mother of Sam and Kate, Pix also knows all about the challenges of combining career with raising children on her own.

Pix is the Founder and CEO of Success Dynamics Group, an educational, motivational, training and consulting business dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike explode their personal or professional Success by turning their passions into profits.   She has developed the MENTORS Method of Success and is committed to providing excellent courses, events, information and training to people to enable them to achieve their success.  Pix is also the Director of Pix International Pty Ltd.

Pix’s Topics – What She Can Teach You…

  • How To Overcome Adversity

  • How Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

  • Why Networking Is Your Net Worth

  • How To Begin With The End In Mind

  • How To Develop The CEO Mindset