Below is a list of recommended resources, tools and software to help you in building your business. We only recommend those resources we know and/or use, and trust.  We realize that there are a lot of choice when it comes to building and marketing your business, however the resources we recommend below are those that we have carefully selected to help you save time, save money and are solid resources that are time tested and proven.

Please click on the Resources below to access their website:

Name Cheap Purchase domains here safely and securely
Aweber Customer Relationship Manager and list building
Design Outpost Logo and graphic design
Easy Video Player Manage and publish videos
Entity Setup Resource for legal structures in the U.S.
HostGator Server for websites
IDev Affiliate Affiliate software to create your own affiliate program
Instant Teleseminar    Conference line for coaching, trainings and teleseminars
Market Samurai Niche market research tool
Need An Article Service to write unique custom content
PayPal Payment or credit card processor
QuickBooks Accounting and bookkeeping software
RoboForm Software to manage all login information in one secure location
WishList Member Software to management membership sites


When it comes to going to the next level, it starts first and foremost with your mind.  If you can change your mindset or change your thinking… you can change your life.  Here are some of the top books that Pix recommends you read to help you to go to that next level…