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At a recent business networking breakfast with PR and Marketing Guru, Max Markson, he was asked the keys to succeeding in business.  In between the fun, frivolity, song and dance, Max replied by saying 3 things: Persistence, Enthusiasm and Focus.

Max also told us about the elephant race.  What did the elephant race have to do with the product being promoted…nothing but it generated great media interest and coverage. It was definitely a point of difference. A key tip for being a success in business.  Don’t do things that your competitors do.  Be unique.  Stand out from the crowd.  As Seth Godin puts it, "Be a Purple Cow."

Members and guests at the breakfast were entertained by stories about some of the big names included in Max’s ‘little black book’.

On networking, Max, the agent to the stars, told us how his great network is generated by a love of people – talking to them, acknowledging them and connecting with them.  What is it that has fostered a great network for your business? Is it your personality, your staff, your product or service? 

Max told us the story of how former President Clinton acknowledged a lift operator who had been working long hours.  That lift operator got a lift himself just to know that someone cared, appreciated his work and acknowledged him. Max reiterated that success is all about dealing with people and treating them well.

As they say, "people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!"  If it’s good enough for former President Clinton, it’s good enough for you to be kind.

How do you make your clients/customers feel?  Are they uplifted after being with you?  Do you leave them with a great customer experience?  Will they become repeat clients/customers…raving fans…your community?

Success in business is all about your boss.  And who is your boss?  Your boss is the one who pays you.  Your boss is the client/customer.  No clients/customers…no revenue. 

Being a success in any business is really common sense.  Build quality relationships.  Be ethical, genuine and authentic.  Who knows…you just may get a great testimonial.  Remember, it pays to be nice.

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