Starfire Seminars recently engaged Pix to undertake promotional work regarding a motivational seminar.  Pix’s ability to create promotional material from scratch, market and fulfill the success criteria was sensational and demonstrated innovative approaches, as well as old fashioned courage in getting things done.  What especially impressed me was her work ethic and the incredible speed at which elements of the plan were completed.  Not only would I recommend Pix’s services, I have already put into motion a plan for her to replicate the success she has created for us on a National scale.

Simon Treselyan – Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker
Director Starfire Australia and The Success Acceleration System

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

When it comes to knowing the right system and the next step to achieving success, Pix Jonasson of Success Dynamics group is the expert to turn to.  I have had the opportunity to work with her for the past several years and she continually impresses me with her creativity, tenacity to win and strategies for success.  Not only does she deliver… but she continually over-delivers on her promises to make sure you get the results you want. She has an amazing wealth of expertise in marketing and has the ability to easily translate her knowledge to fit your needs with strategies to take you to the next level.  She is THE leading marketing strategist for speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and businesses not only in Australia, but world wide.  When it comes to dependability and crossing that finish line first Pix and her team are the ones to count on… definitely add her to your marketing arsenal if you want to get results.

Debra Thompson Roedl – Author, Speaker, Information Marketing Expert
CEO of Wealth Alliance Group and WA Members

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

During the past 4 years, I have presented at some 70 plus seminars, and with respect to the many people who have engaged my services, it must be said that the event presented by Pix Jonasson of Success Dynamics Group was one of the most outstanding.  The manner in which you planned and implemented your seminar stands as testament to your professionalism, enthusiastic approach and desire to succeed.  As we both know, the success of such an event such as yours is determined by marketing, venue, number of attendees, caliber of speakers and day sales.  Pix, you delivered on all fronts, guaranteeing, what we now know was a huge success.  From the moment I stepped off of the aircraft, I felt extremely welcome.  Your staff was intuitive and timely, and I remained well looked after through the entire event.  My time while presenting was a real pleasure.  The ‘packed house’ was every speaker’s dream!  I was impressed with the level of audience participation and was overwhelmed by the audience participation.  A great audience never goes astray!  … and it was clear you worked hard to get the right audience for the event.

Cheyanne Brae – Author, Speaker, Developer
Director Brae Property Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you want to take your business to a new level then Success Dynamics Group is definitely someone who you need to work with. When it comes to the information marketing business, I believe that there is no one better in Australia than Success Dynamics Group. Founder and CEO of SDG, Pix Jonasson, is an amazingly driven person who leaves no stone unturned to ensure that she takes your business to a new dimension. She will help your business make cash in ways you never thought were possible. I couldn’t recommend Pix and the Success Dynamics Group team more highly enough.

Shaun Pounder – Investor, Accountant, Solicitor
Founder of Wealth Creation Professionals

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Pix’s professional approach influenced me to present for her Expo without any hesitation.  Her enthusiasm and ability to provide a professional Expo was fabulous.  Often there is not enough attention to detail, with events running over time making presenters and audiences feel very frustrated.  Pix provided an event that was organized, polished and flowed smoothly.  The venue, sound, video equipment and the catering were also of a very high standards. However, the thing that really stood out to me even from our phone conversations, was the realness of Pix herself.  Her genuine interest in providing the best for the audience and for the corporate speakers was always apparent.  It was a true win/win for all involved.  This never happens without effort.  Big effort and big dedication. Pix was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her services for anyone wishing to present at her events.

Leigh Holt – Designer, Speaker
CEO of Max Your Home

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Pix’s enthusiasm is infectious.  In past years I was destined to fail (or so I thought) but since dealing with Pix, my confidence and self-belief has skyrocketed.  I now have the courage to dream and go for those dreams.  I have learned to set goals and to achieve higher successes.  Pix has inspired me to become a stronger, confident woman and it reflects in every aspect of my life from my family to my financials.  Pix is an amazing woman.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Kristy Faram – Investor, Property Manager, Real Estate Agent
Business Manager, Faram Mining

Mackay, Queensland, Australia